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Video live : Midnite @ Ja'Sound 2005

Midnite @ Ja'Sound 2005

Réalisation :

Durée : 16 min - Mise en ligne le 21/08/2005

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17 réactions

Can I download this video?

Had the PLEASURE of seeing these guys live TWICE in their first Australian Show. Both times the crowd went off, no disappointments....long and solid performance. There first performance got roaoring applause and banging,chanting, screaming for an encore. The encore was absolutely amazing,:- Just Vaughan on vocals and Ron on keyboards with a spectacular song and amazing tune on keyboard. All the crowd was in awe and lifted by this tune, I do not know the name unfortunatley. They whole place soared so high. WICKED performance, bless up Midnite continue the good works

Wickedest Roots band I have heard in a while. Pure heartbeat sound. Roots, upliftment and fulfillment.
Ises to Midnite, looking forward to their Australian gig! Cant imagine them live??? OOHHHH MY MY SOUL SHALL SOAR

je lé ador! i lik the way he sing! roots for lif!!! nuff respect!

il est vraiment bad, la vib's rastari se diffuse, il me suffit découter midnite^pour être plus sereine et ca marche aussi mes youths
Jah bless

at this moment that i wrote this words i just enjoy your good sound n it gave i good meditation god jah our father,our guide,our salut n our shaperd will reward u,blessmay the blessing of jah flowing on u as a rain falling,so my man see u hope i 'll get a answer from ukeep going jah son sing to reveal that jah is our god he gave u a mission n u just accomplishing bless give thanks n praises

u really make roots sound u're not as all those who turn music style just cuz people hear dancehall now no u stay as a rastaman keep going like this work well done,i know u_ work for 4 jah not for evil not as those who trod on satanway,our father's way is the right one in hell u get burn from fire but with jah all mighty u can't burn his fire is to purify his sons got me,i man is on the good way

all your sound is so good normally when someone made an album there always have some ah dem good n others bad,but u midnite u're real jah son all your song is so good u take us on a higher level u know,u got my e mail adress if u want say somethink say it i'll check it as soon as i get it

Reggae Music Is Love

Love the sound you play.Thank the
lord for giving you to us.We don't know you again.

vaughn est autre chose.c'est plus qu'un reggae messages nous apprennent bcp

Remercions Dieu de nous avoir donné ce son incroyable le Reggae Root's qui va encore bercer plus d'un;God bless everyone of you. RASTA

Y a qu'un mot à dire => BIG! Se qui se fait de mieux au niveau reggae experimental, nuff respect Midnite!

quand l'inspiration fait l'homme..le reggae est vraiment son domaine de prédilection.qu'adviendra t'il sans le reggggg.....

c'est du balaise.bob se serait battu pour rien si des gens s'était pas initié à la musique.big up

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