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le 20/05/2011 [de 21H00 à 04H00]



avec 5 kw de son....


...Préventes: 7€ (+frais de loc) dans réseau Fnac, Carrefour, Casino,
Sur place: 10€

De 21h à 4h

Anthony Red Rose, singer, songwriter and producer, has had his fingers on the cultural pulse of reggae music for a long time. His songwriting skills are reflected in number one hits from artistes such as Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Cobra, Terry Linen, Gentleman, Simpleton, Fabby Dolly and even his own hits like “Unda Mi Fat Ting,” and “Tempo.”. Whether it’s about love, war and peace, hUman nature or the love of Creation, he brings his message across with much clarity, precision and definition. Born Anthony Cameron on December 19th in St. Mary and grew u in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Red Rose started his singing career as an altar boy at the local church in his community in Spanish Town. He was later inspired to enter the music fraternity by some great friends and ‘Godfathers’ -- King Tubbys, Inspector Willy, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. “I used to just sit around these brethrens as a youth, listening to them talk, watching them make good music – some of the real pioneers of reggae music – yuh nuh.” His first single was on the Dennis Star Label called “Sandy.” He then got his first number one hit with “Unda Mi Fat Ting”) and then “Tempo,” (both on Firehouse Labels – King Tubby’s production), two classic pieces of music in the history of reggae music today. He later released several singles and two albums for King Tubby’s -- “Red Rose Will Make You Dance” and “Two Big Bull In A One Pen – Red Rose featuring King Kong.” Over the past few years, Red Rose’s main focus was on building his production company. As a producer, he has assisted the budding careers of up and coming reggae artists, as well as established artists. As a singer/songwriter, he has released numerous singles; namely, “Jah Is No Game” (Ingredience) Positive Fighter”, “Man a Lion” (Pyramid), “No Heathen” (Startrail Records) and “Heartbeat” (w/Bounti Killa, Anthony B & Jack Radics). He also sang on the single “Love Is Coming At You,” featuring Capleton, Terry Linen and Anthony Malvo for the Kickin It Label. One of his more recent projects was the release of an album/CD entitled “Good Friends Betta Than Pocket Money,” featuring Rose and a few of his ‘friends” (Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Capleton, Harry Toddler, Jack Radics, Malvo, and Tony Rebel). He has two record labels to his credit, How Yu Fi Sey Dat? and Raggedy Joe Records, which has produced practically every artiste in reggae music – you name them – you’ll find them on Red Rose labels. As a matter of fact, he gave Bounty Killa one of his first hits with “Intimate,” Mad Cobra with “Dun Wife,” Simpleton with “Quarter To Twelve,” Terry Linen with “Your Love,” Fabby Dolly with “Peanut Punch,” and he produced rhythm tracks like “Quarter to Twelve,” “Tempo,” “Reggaelypso,” “Honeycone,” and the unforgettable “Answer” and “Pieces.” Quarter To Twelve, Answer and the Kutchie rhythms have at least seven (7) number one singles on each rhythm with various artistes. He has also done collaborations with his good ‘bredrens’ and mentors, Sly & Robbie; producers Gussie Clarke, Bobby Digital, Syl Gordon, Mikey Bennett. Fat Eyes, Mixing Lab, Startrail and Unique Vision. He is well respected by his peers and colleagues as one of the great producers in the reggae music industry. As a producer, writer and arranger, Red Rose has just completed production of Terry Linen’s second Album/CD, to be released later this year. He wrote and produced Terry Linen’s self-titled debut album for VP Records and continues the long-standing relationship with VP by producing a second album with Terry. He has also just completed work with Universal France artiste, Kossity, writing, producing and arranging tracks on both the English and French versions of Kossity’s newly released album. He also produced two tracks for German reggae artiste, Gentleman’s, first album and has also produced a track for his upcoming album. Gentleman will also be featured in a duet on the new Terry Linen album. As a singer/songwriter, he has recorded some new tracks on his own Raggedy Joe and How Yu Fi Sey Dat? labels and on the great rhythm twins’ Taxi label. Red Rose has performed all over the world – most of Europe, U.K., North America, Japan and the Carribean. His most recent tour was in Japan with Terry Linen. He has also appeared on shows too numerous to mention. His most recent singing collaborations have been with Vito, Kossity, Jack Radics and a new single for Sly & Robbie’s Taxi Label called “Gangsta’s Paradyze.” In 2007 his fans will definitely hear and see a lot more of Anthony Red Rose, the performer. Anthony Red Rose is ready to break some rules and set a few standards in reggae music. Reggae is the ‘heartbeat” of a people and a nation and Red Rose promises to keep the pulse jamming. Both as a producer and a singer/songwriter, his creativity will be pushed to maximum levels. ..

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203 rue de la quarantaine
69400 villefranche FR

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