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Video clip : Kabaka Pyramid - Free from Chains

Réalisation : Pierce Mclean, Andrew Jackson / Road Block Films.

Durée : 4 min - Mise en ligne le 11/05/2012

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1 réaction

Na na now
Na na now

Dem want dem rebel music now
Give dem some rebel music now
Well it's a rebel music, don't you confuse it wit dat crap dat di bulk a dem producin
Dis a rebel music, don't you confuse it,
mi a di baddest lyricist so watch me prove it now

Mi used to run di weed a lot
Now mi start to read a lot
out and about on di system want from keep us
locked up in the prison mentally dem want defeat us
in the streets where my feet touch
part of school dem never teach us
nuttin bout we african features
(???) and divas
officers, preachers
doctors and lawyers are liars
the royal alliance of ya people
from I was a fetus
from jesus to needles
used to rock a reebok
now mi locks are creep up
babylon may bust up all ya makeup
mi grab the microphone and tell the pretty black woman dem left fi bleach up
No fruits mi tree sprout
the knowledge where mi read bout
nuff of dem be vexed on the college when me leave out
I come at di youths I see cold
I have a dream and it's not gonna be chose

Kabaka pyramid it is my name
The game it will never be di same
rebel music I bring di change
so free to get the youths from di chains

di youths dem no got no way out
so we have a plot to lay out, got a lot to say on't
and a nuttin fi ya bust a shot and wail out
babylon mi want fi chop your brains out
but mi rock the
teach the people, and each one sights
equal rights we take it to a equal height
whether yeh hebrew, israelite, a rastafarian
well di eyes of the king we take a seed to pine
just listen the lyrics dem when we provide
take a seat, meditate make sure you're breathin right
if life is a book this I your readin light
three sixty degrees at night
And mi tell dem

Kabaka pyramid it is my name
The game it will never be di same
rebel music I bring di change
so free to get the youths from di chains

so now we start to make di tune upon a regular basis
babylon da marker said di rebels are bracing
embracing my race, just face it
I'm a black man in the situation where mi find myself placed in
can't get a work from a year (???)
even though me go a college wid a florida area code
here you know dis a hit me on
just imagine all di youths dem will never go a school den
rebel music is a educatin force, dem devils ragin war, dem separatin more
Dat's why da king may ever operatin more
him said da black race is pure
and mi tell dem

Kabaka pyramid it is my name
The game it will never be di same
rebel music I bring di change
so free to get the youths from di chains


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