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Dernières sorties Norrisman
Mystical Journey (2013)
Mystical Journey (2013)
Much more to life (2013)
Much more to life (2013)
Modern Roots (2012)
Modern Roots (2012)
Know the road (2008)
Know the road (2008)

Norrisman Videos, Clips
Norris Man & Papa Dee - Real People
Ja'sound Festival 2006

    Guide des festivals 2004 - 12/04/2004

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Date de sortie : 17/12/2013
Label : Fox Fuse

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
01. In the Valley
02. Give Praise
03. Bully
04. Holding My Own
05. Smell the Coffee
06. These Feelings
07. You Got to Know
08. A Friend in H.I.M.
09. Ordain with Strength
10. Picture Myself
11. Take Control
12. I Found Love
13. Treasure Your Soul
14. Babylon Affi Fade
15. Falling for You
16. For the Prize
17. God Above

Date de sortie : 01/04/2013
Label : Tiger Records

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Tracklist :
01. Skit Intro
02. Murderer
03. Skit Life
04. Much more to life
05. Warning
06. Skit Rasta
07. Oh Jah
08. Jah rule always
09. Let love control
10. My feelings for you
11. Woman of virtues
12. The soul
13. Anytime you need my love
14. Skit Positive
15. Read between the lines
16. Trying man
17. We are the people
18. Skit So much things to seh
19. So much
20. All day long
21. Dreaming
22. Skit end
23. Ovastand

Date de sortie : 20/04/2012
Label : Nordic Steel

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
01. Dutty Babylon
02. King of Your Soul
03. My Lady
04. The Youths of Today feat. Advance
05. For You
06. Give Thanks for Your Love
07. The Crown of True Glory
08. End of Your Days
09. The Lion and the Lamb
10. Ceasar's Place
11. Make the World Go Right
12. Gimmi the Weed
13. Cyan Diss Rastaman
14. I'm My Own President feat. Iman Russ

Date de sortie : 23/12/2008
Label : Lustre Kings

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
1. Sign Of The Times
2. Blessing Is All Yours
3. Power Of Love
4. Nah Pollute Your Faith ft Lutan Fyah
5. Know The Road
6. Live Yuh Life Clean
7. When Your Time Is Up ft Pressure
8. Thanks & Praises
9. We Try ft Ras Attitude
10. No Boys Without Girls
11. Wish They Were there
12. King’s Son
13. Got To Let You Know
14. Just Can’t Get Over You ft Sabrina Pallini
15. When Babylon A Burn
16. Where The Wind Blows
17. King Of King Of Kings ft Jah Dan

Date de sortie : 2008
Label : Home & Away

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
01. Heat Is On
02. Remember You
03. Nah Hold Back
04. Never Turn Away
05. This Morning
06. For You
07. Praise Jah
08. Let Me Love You
09. Just To See
10. Hold Your Own
11. No Love The Culture
12. We Are The Future
13. One Of Those Days
14. Warning

Date de sortie : 2007
Label : Isalyeike

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Tracklist :
1. Dem Speeding Up
2. All Ways
3. Humble Heart
4. Captura
5. Ja Love
6. Dem Rules And Laws
7. John Charged
8. Kings Men
9. It Is For The Cause
10. Never Get Away
11. Ritches And Wealth
12. Victory
13. Fittest Of The Fit
14. Trade Wind
15. You And I
16. Gangsta
17. Visions Inside

Date de sortie : 18/07/2006
Label : In the Streetz / Greensleeves

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
1. Home & Away
2. Seh Dem Bad
3. Armageddon On
4. Feelings Deep Within
5. Move Hard
6. This You Must Know
7. I'm A Free Man
8. After All (featuring Lutan Fyah)
9. Love Makes You Alive
10. They Don't Know
11. Herbs To Your Nerve
12. Be Careful
13. Take It
14. This Day
15. We Are The Creator
16. Get Together
17. Good People

Date de sortie : 2003
Label : Kings of Kings

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
01. City Lights (feat. Chrisinti)
02. Congo Shanti
03. Don't Boast
04. Excess Supply (feat. Pinchers)
05. Far From The Light
06. Jah Be For Me (feat. Chrisinti)
07. Jah Works
08. My Type
09. Royal Queen (feat. Anthony B)
10. Selassie I Hail
11. Traffic
12. Wha Dem Ago Say
13. World Crisis
14. Love Conquer
15. Lu Bi Lu
16. Oh Jah
17. Fire Ball

Date de sortie : 2001
Label : Jah Scout

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
01. Change Of Life
02. Hold On To Your Faith
03. Last Days
04. Don't Be Shy
05. Better Your Soul
06. Wouldn't You Like
07. I Know Good Things
08. Jah Love Us
09. The Sun Still Shines
10. When Dem Ego Done
11. He Who Knows
12. The Pain
13. She Grooves (feat. Money B)
14. Stop Your Lying
15. Blessed Are Those
16. Focus The Right Stuff
17. Mek Jah Guide You

Date de sortie : 2000
Label : VP Records

Plus de détails

Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Bad Road
3. Persistence
4. Undiluted Love
5. Bright Days
6. Heathen Pt 11
7. Greatest Reward
8. Woman Have Patience
9. Let Jah Lead The Way
10. It Hurts I
11. Holy Mount Zion
12. My Happiness
13. Everliving Soul
14. Hold On To Your Faith
15. Persistence Remix
16. Saxapella


19 réactions
Appréciation générale :

Moi je suis en surkiff sur Where were you et Big long gun !
il assure autant reggae ke Dancehall !

Exactly!Longtime di man deh yah!!Conscious lyrics!!A real rasta philosophy!!Hi rasta..yes rasta....teach di youths dem..

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 Christopher Campbell
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Reggae / Dancehall news
- ''Much more to life'', le nouvel album de Norrisman (Mar 2013)
- JAMAICAN SUNRISE 2004 (Fév 2004)

En concert
le 29/06/2013 à Saint denis
Paris reggae festival
le 16/04/2011 à Messancy
Norrisman and zum raggidy
le 08/05/2010 à La plaine saint denis
Jah mason + norrisman + perfect
le 01/05/2010 à Bordeaux
Jah mason - perfect - norrisman
le 04/08/2004 à Bagnols-sur-cèze
Jamaican sunrise festival 2k4

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